Mentorship initiative moves forward

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The Executive Board approved the establishment of a Model Mentoring Program Task Force, a recommendation of AVMA President Joe M. Howell, President-Elect Jack O. Walther, and Executive Board Chair James H. Brandt.

From conversations and contacts during their extensive AVMA-related travels, it is clear to these AVMA officials that the Association must take a leadership role in developing a model mentoring program for the profession. This action was a substitute motion, replacing a similar proposal from the Member Services Committee.

Dr. Howell said, "In the National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues, a lot of the solutions (to the profession's economic situation) spin around mentoring."

The Mentorship Program Subcommittee of the AVMA Member Services Committee has done extensive research and review of mentoring philosophies and existing programs relating specifically to veterinary medicine and more generally to industry. The new task force will review this compiled information. The task force is charged with developing guidelines and elements of a model mentoring program that will support veterinarians throughout all stages of their professional life.

Funding of $15,300 was approved for the task force to meet up to three times, in addition to using electronic communication.

Dr. Walther noted that the way the task force would be set up would allow the AVMA to reach out and get development of guidelines for a model program going in a short time.