AVMA contributing to Johne's project

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The Executive Board approved AVMA sponsorship of educational materials on Johne's disease being developed by the National Johne's Working Group of the U.S. Animal Health Association. The AVMA contributed $5,000 to the project.

The AVMA Animal Agriculture Liaison Committee recommended this action, saying that a project to improve awareness of this disease and knowledge of control measures is worthy of AVMA support. The committee is greatly concerned with the prevalence of Johne's disease in the United States because of its severe impact on animal health and well-being, as well as its economic consequences for dairy farmers and beef producers. If a link can be proved between Johne's and Crohn's disease in humans, there is also a human health impact.

At the board meeting, AVMA staff told board members that the materials will be distributed to state veterinarians and the chairs of state Johne's disease committees. A Web site will also be developed from subscription money, to keep the materials updated.