Council, trust, committee, board nominations invited

Published on September 15, 2002
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Nominations are invited for 16 AVMA council vacancies, 19 committee seats, and five openings on trusts. The House of Delegates will fill council openings when it meets in July 2003 in Denver. The Executive Board will make appointments to committees and trusts at its May 2003 meeting.

Nominating materials for councils—including instructions for publishing candidates in the 2003 Campaign Guide—were sent in August to AVMA delegates and chief staff officers of organizations represented in the HOD. Others may obtain nomination forms by calling AVMA headquarters at (800) 248-2862, Ext. 6651 for councils, Ext. 6605 for committees.

For councils
In accordance with the provisions of Article V, Section 11, of the AVMA Bylaws, nominations are invited for each of the council memberships to be acted on at the annual meeting in July 2003.

Nominations shall be made by organizations represented in the House of Delegates or by petition of 10 active members.

Terms of council members are six years, and no council member may serve two consecutive terms on the same council. For this purpose, a term of three years or less will not be counted. No member may serve simultaneously in the House of Delegates and on a council, or on two councils. A former member may become eligible for election to a council at the next annual session after the end of a previous term on a council.

Guidelines for council nominations further stipulate that (1) a nominee will not be eligible to be a candidate for more than one council per year, (2) no member may be nominated for election to more than one position on the same council at one time, and (3) a candidate will not be permitted to change the category to which the candidate has been nominated after the February 1 deadline.

Nominations must be postmarked no later than Feb. 1, 2003, and sent to Dr. Bruce W. Little, AVMA executive vice president. To ensure that nominations will not be invalidated because information supplied is incomplete, nominators should not send résumés or biographic information, but provide this information using the prescribed nomination form:

  1. Name of council
  2. Professional category to be represented
  3. Identification of nominee
    1. Name
    2. Complete address and telephone numbers
    3. Veterinary school and year of graduation
    4. Academic degrees and specialty board certification
    5. Present professional activity
  4. Statement indicating that nominee is an AVMA member active in the professional area, if any, specified for the position and has agreed to serve, if elected
  5. Name of the nominating organization, which must be represented in the House of Delegates, and the signature and title of its executive officer or an officer who is an AVMA member; or the signatures of 10 AVMA member-petitioners
  6. Signature of nominee
  7. Date

For trusts, committees, and boards
Nominations are invited for each of the AVMA trust and committee memberships to be appointed by the Executive Board at its May 2003 meeting. These nominations should be postmarked no later than April 1, 2003, and sent to Dr. Arthur Tennyson, AVMA assistant executive vice president.

Nominations may be made by local or state veterinary associations, by allied groups represented in the House of Delegates, or by an AVMA member on that person's or another's behalf.

Each nomination must include a one- or two-page curriculum vitae and a statement that the nominee has agreed to serve, if appointed. Only the first two pages of lengthier curricula vitae that are submitted will be used.

Council vacancies to be filled by the House of Delegates
Council   Professional category of vacancy       Incumbent
Biologic and
Therapeutic Agents
Pharmacology (One of the two positions in this category is being designated as Clinical Pharmacology—see

Clinical Pharmacology* (New position)
Epidemiology (New position)
Industry, Exclusive (New position)
Charles R. Short (Dr. Short's position is not being filled in 2003. This is just notification of the expiration of his term.)

Donald J. Klingborg
Education Nonprivate Practice, Nonacademic Veterinary Medicine

Basic or Preclinical Science (one member active in this field who is a member of the faculty of a university having an accredited school or college of veterinary medicine or a department of veterinary science)
Lee M. Myers

George H. Cardinet
Public Health
and Regulatory
Veterinary Medicine
Agricultural Agencies (Two positions) Nancy A. Frank
Jan A. Leder
Public Relations Private Practice, Predominantly Small Animal

Public Health or Regulatory Veterinary Medicine
Richard L. Dixon

Lisa A. Conti
Judicial No category specified Aaron H. Groth
Research Veterinary Medical Colleges (Two positions—formerly identified as Veterinary Medical Research) (Two members who serve as dean or associate dean/director of research at an AVMA-accredited school or college of veterinary medicine)

Private Clinical Practice, not further specified, filling unexpired term ending July 2006 (Predominantly engaged in private clinical practice)
Daryl D. Buss
Prem S. Paul

Veterinary Service Small Animal

William E. Zitek

Peter E. Poss
Note: "Predominantly" is defined as 50 percent or more of the candidate's professional activity being in the category specified.
         "Exclusively" is defined as 90 percent or more of the candidate's professional activity being in the category specified.
† Eligible for re-election; served a term of three years or less

Committee, trust, board vacancies to be filled by the Executive Board
Committee or group Length
Professional category of vacancy Incumbent
Group Health and Life Insurance Trust 4 3 Member-at-large (Three positions) Jack Anderson
Gary R. Holfinger*
H.T. Trimmer*
PLIT 4 3 Member-at-large (Two positions) Rodney G. Johnson
Larry M. Kornegay*
Aquaculture and Seafood Advisory Committee 3 2 Nonveterinarian—Aquatic Production
Industrial Veterinary Medicine
Scott R. LaPatra
Robert Armstrong*
Robert A. Bullis*
Committee on Environmental Issues 3 2 Zoo/Wildlife
Veterinary Ecology
Paul L. Barrows*
Anne Fairbrother*
Committee on Human-Animal Bond 6 1 Small Animal Practice
Colleges of Veterinary Medicine
Small Animal Practice
Emil E. Baukert
Martha L. Chabaud
James M. Harris
Committee on Veterinary Medical Informatics 3 2 Private Small Animal Practice
Private Equine Clinical Practice
Theodore Cohn
Delano L. Proctor
Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities 6 1 Veterinary State Boards Vera Rogers
Convention Management and Program Committee 3 3 Poultry Medicine Manager
Personal/Professional Development Manager
Wet Lab Manager
Bruce S. Brown*
Wendy E. Emerson*

Kenneth E. Bartels*
Member Services Committee 3 2 Honor Roll Members
Private Clinical Practice—Practice Owner
Private Clinical Practice—Employee
Harold N. Lange*
James P. Achorn*

Christine Weaver*
Political Action Committee 2 3 Zone 3
Zone 1
George W. Bishop*
Richard Wilkes*
*Eligible for re-appointment