An expanded welcome in store for new members

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The board approved the development and distribution of an AVMA new member packet to graduates who become active AVMA members beginning in 2003.

The initiative originated with the Member Services Committee, which is developing an overall plan for membership recruitment and retention.

Currently, when new graduates join the AVMA, they receive a mailing that includes a congratulatory letter, convention certificate, and AVMA membership card.

The new member welcome packet will provide them with quick, concise access to information about AVMA programs, services, and benefits. It will be designed to entice new members to participate in AVMA programs and services soon after they join, while the benefits are fresh in their minds.

The cost will be $26,000 in new funds, added to the $1,600 already budgeted for the current mailing. As District I Executive Board member, Dr. Henry E. Childers, said, "This is a good investment for the future."