ECFVG certificate holder, student to be involved in task force

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District IV Executive Board member, Dr. James O. Cook (left) and AVMA Vice President Jack O. WaltherDistrict IV Executive Board member, Dr. James O. Cook (left) and AVMA Vice President Jack O. Walther

The purpose, structure, and other particulars of a new task force that will review the Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates program and make suggestions for enhancement, as appropriate, were modified and approved by the Executive Board in April.

In January, the board had authorized Chair Bonnie Beaver to appoint an ECFVG Evaluation Task Force, but first, the specifics on the task force had to be finalized. Now the board has approved those details and funded it at $13,300 for two meetings over the course of one year. The task force will report to the board.

It will be composed of seven members, to be named by Dr. Beaver. One will be a foreign-trained veterinarian; the Executive Board stipulated that person must be an ECFVG certificate holder. There will be two current or former ECFVG members, a veterinarian who currently serves on a state board of veterinary examiners, and an educator who is involved with evaluating foreign veterinary graduates. One member each will represent the Executive Board and House of Delegates.

The board also approved a recommendation for a Student AVMA liaison representative to attend meetings of this new task force, at the invitation of the Executive Board chair and at AVMA expense. AVMA Vice President Jack O. Walther, who co-authored the recommendation, said it's important that the students be heard and that accurate information is communicated back to them. The ECFVG began the enhancement process several years ago, to ensure that the program continues to be the best possible certification program, meeting the needs of foreign graduates, veterinary state boards, the public, and the profession.