Council nominees await Nashville vote

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The 2002 AVMA council nominations were reviewed by the Executive Board at its meeting in April. Thirty-seven nominees are running for 16 positions on seven councils. The House of Delegates will elect the council members at its annual session in July in Nashville. At that time, additional nominations may be submitted from the floor.

Terms of elected council members are six years, unless otherwise stated.

Council Professional category of vacancy Nominees for council vacancies
Biologic and Therapeutic Agents Private practice, predominantly equine Joseph J. Bertone, Carbondale, Colo.
  Private practice, predominantly small animal Kevin A. Hahn, Houston
James S. Reid*, Locust Grove, Va.
Robert L. Stear, Cambridge, Neb.
Education Private small animal clinical practice Shannon B. McGee, Collierville, Tenn.
John S. McKibben, LaGrange, Ind.
  Small animal clinical science Alan H. Brightman, Manhattan, Kan.
C. A. (Tony) Buffington, Columbus, Ohio
Robert A. Martin, Blacksburg, Va.
  Private food animal clinical practice,
filling unexpired term ending in July 2006
Thomas W. Graham, Davis, Calif.
Samuel E. Strahm, Pawhuska, Okla.
  Private clinical practice,
filling unexpired term ending in July 2006
Reilly P. Glore, Montesano, Wash.
William F. Jackson, Lakeland, Fla.
Calvin E. Schafer, Galena, Ill.
Janeen K. Stobaeus, Brunswick, Ga.
Frank E. Walker, New Rockford, N.D.
Judicial None specified George T. Barrows, Atlanta
Gavin L. Meerdink, Urbana, Ill.
Kent D. McClure, Washington, D.C.
Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine Public health agencies or the armed forces Charles E. Pixley, San Antonio
Mark D. Starr*, Sacramento, Calif.
  Member-at-large Conley F. Byrd Jr., Little Rock, Ark.
John P. Huntley, Hadley, N.Y.
Stephanie K. Kordick, Raleigh, N.C.
Elizabeth A. Krushinskie, Mount Crawford, Va.
Public Relations Private practice, predominantly equine James M. Hamilton, Southern Pines, S.C.
filling unexpired term ending in July 2004
P. Ray Glick, Northfield, Ill.
Steven L. Leary, High Ridge, Mo.
Saundra E. Wright, Everett, Wash.
Research Veterinary medical research (two positions) Ingrid E. Feder, Manhattan, Kan.
David M. Hood, College Station, Texas
Stanley H. Kleven, Athens, Ga.
Gerald W. Parker Jr., Fort Detrick, Md.
  Private practice, predominantly clinical,
filling unexpired term ending in July 2006
Veterinary Service Private practice, exclusively equine Lloyd H. Kloppe, Buckeye, Ariz.
  Private mixed practice, predominantly food
animal or equine
Michael W. Bolton, Greenville, Mich.
Will A. Hadden, Tyler, Texas
Charles E. Ozanian, Ferndale, Calif.

* Incumbent is eligible for re-election; will have served a term of three years or less 
For the purpose of category designation, the word "predominantly" means that 50 percent or more of the candidate's professional activity is in the category specified, and "exclusively" means that 90 percent or more of the candidate's activity is in the category specified.