Dioxin-contaminated animal supplements recalled

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The Food and Drug Administration is announcing a voluntary recall of several animal feed products produced by Quali Tech Inc., including Sea-Questra-Min and Carbosan products in their original packaging. Premixes manufactured by the company containing these products have also been recalled. The products—minerals and mineral premixes—are added to feed to provide cattle, pigs, and other livestock with necessary micronutrients.

Quali Tech voluntarily recalled these products after laboratory data from several sources indicated that they contained dioxin. The company discontinued production Feb. 28 and will not resume until it can identify the source of the contamination.

Dioxin, a broad family of heterocyclic hydrocarbons, can be released into the environment through the burning of various materials, including municipal waste, household trash, and fuels, as well as through industrial processes such as the manufacturing of paper. The chemical is naturally present in the environment but, since levels have increased over time, state and federal environmental agencies have implemented measures to reduce nonnatural sources.

A more detailed list of recalled products is available from Jim O'Neal, Quali Tech spokesman, who can be reached at (612) 766-8420.