UC-Davis campus to get a face-lift

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California Gov. Gray Davis has proposed a $1 billion economic stimulus package for the University of California-Davis, including $66.1 million to fund and accelerate completion of a new $77 million building for the campus' School of Veterinary Medicine. It will be a 125,000-square-foot teaching, research, and clinical facility. The building is planned for completion in 2005.

The new building is part of the veterinary school's $354 million long-range plan, intended to assist in restoring full accreditation status and preparing for anticipated growth.

The AVMA's accreditation committee cited the need for improvement in 1998. While the school complied with all other standards, it was placed on limited accreditation for its teaching and research facilities' shortfalls.

"Funding of this new [building] forms the cornerstone for restoration of our full accreditation, and this public investment will strengthen the school's ongoing ability to offer Californians access to veterinary care for pets, livestock, and poultry; protection of public health and food safety; and other activities benefiting animal, human, and environmental health," said Dr. Bennie Osburn, dean of the UC-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

As part of the $354 million long-range plan, several other construction projects are either under way or pending. The school's veterinary teaching hospital is set for expansion. The campus is funding a new veterinary medicine instructional structure, slated for completion in 2004.

A 63,000-square-foot veterinary medicine instructional laboratory, as well as companion animal and equine centers, are also set for construction, beginning this year.