AVMA adopts policy on physical restraint of animals

Published on January 01, 2002
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The Executive Board approved a new position statement on the physical restraint of animals recommended by the Animal Welfare Committee.

The policy reads:

"Humane and safe physical restraint is the use of manual or mechanical means to limit some or all of an animal's normal voluntary movement for the purposes of examination, collection of samples, drug administration, therapy, or manipulation. The method used should provide the least restraint required to allow the specific procedure(s) to be performed properly, and should protect both the animal and personnel from harm. In some situations, chemical restraint may be the preferred method. Whenever possible, restraint should be planned, formulated, and communicated prior to its application."

After reviewing correspondence and related articles in various veterinary and legal publications about animal restraint, the committee developed the position statement as a first step toward addressing appropriate physical restraint in veterinary practice.