Support and condolences from around the world

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In a show of international unity and support, veterinary organizations from around the globe contacted the AVMA in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. World Veterinary Association President Jim Edwards sent condolences, saying veterinary medicine is a humanitarian profession, and veterinarians around the world are sharing the grief of this tragedy.

"We believe that there can be no acceptance for man's inhumanity to man, women, and children; and that no circumstances justify the suffering."

British Veterinary Association President David Tyson and President-Elect Andrew Scott wrote: "We sincerely offer any assistance to the American veterinary profession that the British Veterinary Association can give."

The Italian Private Practitioners Veterinary Association national secretary, Dott. Gastone Dalmonte, expressed condolences, saying: "We are near to all of you in this sad moment," and asked AVMA Executive Vice President Bruce Little to express their full support to all their American colleagues.

Dr. Luis Godoy Oyarzun, president of the Chilean Veterinary Medical College, sent the AVMA the following message, translated as: "Please accept our deepest sympathy for the hateful crime perpetrated by terrorists against America. Count on the support of all the Chilean veterinarians. A thousand times NO TO TERRORISM."

Dr. Robert Baker, Australian Veterinary Association president, expressed the following sentiment: "Australians also believe democracy is worth standing up for and defending, and have not forgotten Pearl Harbor and the threats to the USA and Australia at that time ... Be assured that the Australian people's thoughts are with you now and in the future."

Past president of the Australian Veterinary Association and current WVA councilor, Dr. Garth McGilvray, contacted the AVMA with sympathies as well.

Dr. Robin Linde, CEO of the South African Veterinary Association, expressed sincere condolences and sympathies on behalf of the president of the SAVA and its members.

Dr. Alex Markovics, president of the Israeli VMA, contacted AVMA President James H. Brandt with the following sentiment: "On behalf of the Israeli Veterinary Medical Association, I wish to convey our deepest sympathy to the American Veterinary Medical Association and its members on the occasion of the outrage inflicted on the American people. We can only pray that such a horrendous scenario will never again be seen in our time."

Dr. Burhanettin Olcay, dean of the Afyon Kocatepe University School of Veterinary Medicine, Turkey, sent condolences to the Americans who lost family and friends in the attacks.

"I protest the bloody terrorist attack on the USA," he said.

Dr. Faouzi Kechrid, president of the Tunisian National Council of Veterinary Medical Boards, and chairman of the 27th World Veterinary Congress, wrote: "On behalf of the Tunisian veterinarians, I present to you, our U.S. veterinarian colleagues, and to the great people of America, my sincere condolences for all the innocent lives lost. The feelings here are dominated by sadness."

Vanessa Muradian of São Paulo, Brazil, wrote: "...I'll keep praying from here...praying for people who lost their lives today, praying for those who are hurt and hoping that humankind may find peace somehow."

Dr. Michael Baar, president of the Canadian VMA, wrote: "Our two countries share a history of democratic values we are all very proud of and ready to defend. This week, we also share and enormous sense of grief."

New Yorker Phyllis Morrow took time to write the AVMA in appreciation of the dogs and handlers working to rescue survivors at the World Trade Center.

"As a New Yorker, I want to express my deepest appreciation to everyone, every handler and beloved dog who are the heroes in the midst of the great tragedy in our city."