Losses close to home

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In the days following the terrorist attacks, the AVMA was saddened to learn that three veterinarians lost family members—at the Pentagon, on a hijacked airliner, and in the World Trade Center.

Marjorie Salamone, 53, the wife of retired Army Veterinary Corps colonel, Dr. Ben Salamone, was killed when hijacked American Airlines flight 77 struck the Pentagon. A civilian employee from Springfield, Va., Mrs. Salamone was a program analyst for the Army Program Budget Division. Dr. Salamone is an epidemiologist with the Food Animal Science Division of the Agriculture Department's Food Safety and Inspection Service. Mrs. Salamone is also survived by two daughters.

Robert G. Le Blanc, PhD, 70, the husband of Dr. Andrea Le Blanc, was one of the victims aboard hijacked United Airlines flight 175, the second airliner to hit the World Trade Center. A 1968 graduate of the University of Illinois, Dr. Le Blanc owns Oyster River Veterinary Hospital in Lee, N.H. Her husband was professor emeritus of geography at the University of New Hampshire. He is also survived by four sons and two daughters.

Andrew Rosenblum, who was in his early 40s, died when the second tower of the World Trade Center was struck. He was the nephew of Dr. Erwin Small, associate dean and professor emeritus at the University of Illinois. Rosenblum was a stockbroker for Cantor Fitzgerald, which lost 700 staff in the disaster. He called his wife after the first airliner crashed into the other tower, but he never made it to safety. Mr. Rosenblum is also survived by two sons.