Abstracts invited for two international meetings

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Organizers of two global veterinary meetings have issued calls for abstracts.

Billed as the first large veterinary event for the third millennium and the first worldwide veterinary congress in an African and Arabic country, the 27th World Veterinary Congress will be held Sept. 25-29, 2002 in Tunis, Tunisia.

Tunis is the venue for the congress. A modern capital, Tunis was created in the 17th century B.C. The congress theme is "Animals and People: A Global Perspective for the 21st Century."

October 31 is the deadline for submission of proposals to be considered for presentation at the congress. The "call for speakers" form is posted at www.worldvetunisia2002.com. For information, e-mail communicationatworldvetunisia2002 [dot] com (communication[at]worldvetunisia2002[dot]com).

Food safety will be the main theme of the plenary sessions. In addition, the thematic sessions will feature lectures relating to the following themes: (1) production and pathology of aquatic animals; (2) production and pathology of camelids, production and animal pathology in hot climates; (3) veterinary drugs, pharmacology, and pharmaceutical industries; (4) well-being of animals, animal experimentation, ethics; (5) veterinary education and specialization; (6) parasitology and parasitic diseases; (7) reproduction and pathology; (8) history of veterinary medicine, "ethnozootechny"; (9) poultry diseases and poultry husbandry; (10) husbandry and equine pathology; (11) bovine pathology; (12) pathologies of small pet animals; (13) animal feeding and pathology; (14) veterinary biology and pathology; (15) immunology, microbiology; (16) production and bee pathology; (17) veterinary medicine and disaster; and (18) fauna and wild animals, environment and biodiversity.

Scientists and others committed to humane experimental techniques are invited to attend the Fourth World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences, Aug. 10-15, 2002 in New Orleans.

The congress will be organized around five themes: replacement and reduction alternatives; policy and ethics; refinement and reduction alternatives; education and databases; and test development, validation, and implementation.

Abstracts will be accepted until Nov. 1. Visit www.worldcongress.net for the scientific program and the abstract form and guidelines. For more information, contact The Alternatives Congress Trust, 700 Professional Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20879; phone, (301) 548-7771; fax, (301) 548-7726; fourthworldcongressatstarpower [dot] net (fourthworldcongress[at]starpower[dot]net).