Only one AVMA Award to be given annually, HOD says

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The HOD on July 13 disapproved Resolution 6, which would have allowed the presentation of the AVMA Award—the Association's highest honor—to more than one recipient annually.

The award is given each year to one AVMA member selected by the AVMA Executive Board for his or her contributions to the advancement of organized veterinary medicine. Seven veterinary medical associations submitted Resolution 6, saying the Executive Board should have the flexibility to recognize more than one member's achievements each year.

Resolution 6 is "strictly an enabling resolution" without a downside, explained Dr. Thomas C. Candee, New Hampshire delegate, during deliberations.

The resolution does not require additional AVMA Awards be given each year, but makes it possible should the need arise. "I find it hard to believe people wouldn't want to enable this process," Dr. Candee said.

The resolution had failed to win approval from the Executive Board itself, as well as the House Advisory Committee and Reference Committee 4. The HOD subsequently defeated the resolution with a roll-call vote.