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Dr. Duane T. Albrecht, 1927-2001
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Dr. Duane T. Albrecht, 1927-2001
Dr. Duane T. Albrecht

When incoming AVMA president, Dr. James H. Brandt opened the House of Delegates session July 13 in Boston, he told the delegates and guests the news that Dr. Duane T. "Whitey" Albrecht (ISU '50) had died July 11. The assembly stood and observed a moment of silence in memory of Dr. Albrecht, who was AVMA president from 1983-1984.

Dr. Albrecht was 73 and a resident of Englewood, Colo.

Several of Dr. Albrecht's presidential initiatives were realized: initiation of a biennial (now annual) Association leadership conference, establishment of the AVMA Humane Award, evaluation of the AVMA insurance trusts at least every five years, and expansion of the long-range planning committee and its elevation to a standing committee.

Dr. Robert A. Dietl, District VI AVMA Executive Board member, met Dr. Albrecht in 1981. "I was a new alternate delegate, but he took me under his wing and treated me as an equal. He was a warm, open, friendly person with a wonderful sense of humor." Later they served on the AVMF board of directors together; Dr. Albrecht's term was from l996-2001.

"Dr. Albrecht was a very strong supporter of our profession and our Association."

Dr. Albrecht interned at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston, then became an instructor in small animal surgery at ISU. From 1952-1990 he was director of the Aspenwood Animal Hospital in Denver, the small animal practice he founded.

Nationally, Dr. Albrecht represented District IX on the AVMA Executive Board from 1979-1982, was president of the American Association of Veterinary State Boards, chaired the National Board Examination Committee, and served on the AVMA Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates.

Colorado's Veterinarian of the Year in 1980, Dr. Albrecht served 10 years as secretary of the Colorado Board of Veterinary Medicine and was president of the Denver Area VMS. For two years he was a member of the Colorado VMA Board of Control.

Dr. Albrecht was installed as a Distinguished Practitioner in the National Academy of Practice in Veterinary Medicine and received the AAHA Commitment to Excellence Award. In 1982 his alma mater presented him with the Stange Award for Meritorious Service in Veterinary Medicine. The AAHA and Ohio VMA honored him for distinguished service. The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine gave him its Centennial Award of Merit, and the Kentucky VMA, honorary membership.

Dr. Albrecht is survived by his daughter, Susan, and three sons, Steven, Stanley, and Duane Jr. Memorials may be made to Sobriety House of Denver, 107 Acoma St., Denver, CO 80223 or to the CU Foundation, Anshutz Cancer Center, 4200 E. 9th Ave., Box 8-065, Denver, CO 80262.


AVMA member
AVMA honor roll member

Bruce N. Catlett

Dr. Catlett (AUB '62), 67, Louisville, Ky., died May 6, 2001. He practiced at the St. Matthews Animal Clinic in Louisville, a business he established in 1963. Dr. Catlett served as president of the Jefferson County VMA and the Kentucky VMA. In 1979, he received the Distinguished Service Award from the Kentucky VMA. Dr. Catlett was named Honorary Kentucky Colonel by both Governor Breathitt and Governor Nunn. His community service included the Kentucky Humane Society.

He is survived by his wife, Frances, and three sons.

Norman N. Jerome

Dr. Jerome (ONT '36), 88, San Diego, died May 5, 2001. He owned the Main Street Dog and Cat Hospital in San Diego. In 1941, Dr. Jerome was appointed the first president of the San Diego County VMA. He was a founding sponsor of its Veterinary PAWS organization for shelter animals. Dr. Jerome is survived by two sons. Memorials may be made to the San Diego County VMA VetPAWS, 4620 Alvarado Canyon Rd., #15, San Diego, CA 92120.

Richard E. Matteson

Dr. Matteson (MSU '49), 78, Brookston, Ind., died March 24, 2001. He owned the Prairie Veterinary Service, a small animal practice in Brookston, from 1953-1999. During the course of his career, Dr. Matteson worked in Guerrero, Mexico, aiding with the effort to eradicate foot-and-mouth disease. He was a member of the West Central Indiana VMA and the Indiana VMA.

A World War II and Korean War veteran, Dr. Matteson attained the rank of 1st lieutenant. He is survived by his wife, Virginia; four daughters; one son; three stepdaughters; and one stepson. Memorials may be made to the Brookston Prairie Township Library, 202 South, Brookston, IN 47923, or the Salvation Army, 1110 Union St., Lafayette, IN 47904.

Robert J. McFarland

Dr. McFarland (WSU '39), 88, Vista, Calif., died May 12, 2001. He was retired. From 1940-1972 Dr. McFarland worked as a San Diego County veterinarian. He was a member of the San Diego County VMA. An Army veteran, Dr. McFarland attained the rank of lieutenant colonel.

He is survived by two daughters and a son. Memorials may be made to a local hospice organization.

Frank A. McWilliams

Dr. McWilliams (AUB '43), 81, Hampton, S.C., died March 29, 2001. During the course of his career, he practiced in Miami and worked for the USDA in Birmingham, Ala. Dr. McWilliams was also the director of the Greenville (S.C.) City Health Department and supervisor with both the state and the Clemson Meat and Poultry Health Department in South Carolina.

A member of the Blue Ridge VMA in South Carolina, he served as president and vice president. Dr. McWilliams was also a member of the South Carolina VMA and the South Carolina Public Health Association. He was a World War II veteran, serving in the Medical Corps. Dr. McWilliams is survived by his wife, Geneva, and a daughter. Memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society, P.O. Box 577, Estill, SC 29918; or the Hampton United Methodist Church, Hampton, SC 29924.

Frederick H. Opfer

Dr. Opfer (OSU '52), 74, Memphis, Tenn., died March 8, 2001. Retired, he owned the Midtown Animal Clinic in Memphis. Dr. Opfer was a member of the Memphis/Shelby County Veterinary Association. He was a World War II Army veteran. Dr. Opfer is survived by his wife, Joye, and two sons.

Jack L. Scott

Dr. Scott (ISU '57), 75, Hallandale, Fla., died June 25, 2001. He was retired. Following graduation Dr. Scott established an equine practice, working with Thoroughbred racehorses. He was licensed in 14 states but practiced mainly in Ohio and Florida. In 1987, Dr. Scott retired from private practice but continued to work as a detention barn veterinarian in Florida.

He was a Navy veteran. Dr. Scott's wife, Jane; a daughter; a son; and a stepson survive him. Memorials may be made to the Wildlife Care Center, 3200 S.W. 4th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315-3019.

  Robert H. Udall

Dr. Udall (COR '41), 84, Fort Collins, Colo, died June 5, 2001. He was retired. In 1951, Dr. Udall joined the veterinary faculty at Colorado State University. From 1965-1970 he was the chief of party for the CSU-US Aid Project in the Faculty of Veterinary Science of the University of Nairobi in Kenya. Dr. Udall retired from Colorado State in 1978.

A World War II veteran, he served as a commissioned officer in the Army Veterinary Corps and was assigned to the research laboratories of the Chemical Corps at Edgewood Arsenal, Md. Memorials may be made to the International Veterinary Research Internship of CSU, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80521.

Lloyd F. Van Pelt

Dr. Van Pelt (MIN '59), 70, Northfield, Minn., died May 22, 2001. Retired, he was the director of the Center for Experimental Animal Resources at Northwestern University from 1980-1990. He was a diplomate of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine with research interests in reproductive biology, infectious diseases, and the development of animal models.

Dr. Van Pelt began his career with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services in 1964 at the Harbor/UCLA Medical Center and later served as its director of veterinary services. He was a lecturer in the Department of Pathology, School of Medicine, at UCLA from 1969-1980. From 1981-1987 Dr. Van Pelt was associate professor in the Department of Microbiology-Immunology, Medical and Dental Schools, at Northwestern University from 1981-1987.

He served terms on the board of the American Association for the Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, the board of trustees of the Southern California VMA, the board of governors of the California VMA, and as president of the Animal Health Foundation of California. A Korean War veteran, he served in the Army infantry. Dr. Van Pelt is survived by his wife, Constance, and three daughters.