Council nominees await Boston vote

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The 2001 AVMA council nominations were reviewed by the Executive Board at its meeting in April. Thirty-two nominees are running and there are 16 open positions on seven councils. The House of Delegates will elect the council members at its annual session in July in Boston. At that time, additional nominations may be submitted from the floor

Candidates for council vacancies in 2001

Terms of elected council members are six years.

Council Professional category of vacancy Nominees for council vacancies
Biologic and Therapeutic Agents Private practice, *predominantly food animal James L. Bain, Frederick, SD
K. Shawn Blood, Guymon, Okla
Florian B. Ledermann, Alexandria, Minn
Education Large animal clinical science
Private equine practice

Veterinary medical research

Private small animal clinical practice
H. Fred Troutt, Urbana, Ill
William D. Fishback, Lexington, Ky
Ric A. Zappala, Newtown Square, Pa
L. Kirk Clark, Lafayette, Ind
Ltc James R. Swearengen, Frederick, Md
William F. Jackson, Lakeland, Fla
Iva Lynn Nusbaum, Wilmington, NC
Janeen Kluska Stobaeus, Brunswick, Ga
Judicial None specified George T. Barrows, Atlanta
Emily A. Walton, Jenera, Ohio
Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine Public health agencies or the armed forces (two positions)

Agricultural agencies (two positions)
Jeffrey B. Bender, St Paul, Minn
William E. Lammers, San Antonio
Donald H. Lein, Ithaca, NY
Col Scott R. Severin, Springfield, Va
Mark D. Starr, Sacramento, Calif
Conley F. Byrd Jr, Redfield, Ark
John I. Enck Jr, Dillsburg, Pa
Jan A. Leder, Columbus, Miss
John J. Schiltz, Des Moines, Iowa
Public Relations Private practice, *predominantly small animal

Sherry L. Dodson, Angleton, Texas
Terry L. Jantzen, Las Vegas
Deborah L. Kropp, Toledo, Ohio
Robert J. Krapfl, Omaha, Neb
Steven L. Leary, High Ridge, Mo
Frank E. Walker, New Rockford, ND
Saundra E. Willis, Everett, Wash
Research Veterinary medical research

Private clinical practice
Roger Smith III, College Station, Texas
Walter R. Threlfall, Powell, Ohio
Robert W. Poteet, Tulsa, Okla
Veterinary Service Private mixed practice, *predominantly food animal or equine

Academic clinical science
No candidates

Robert O. Gilbert, Ithaca, NY
*For the purpose of category designation, the word "predominantly" means that 50 percent or more of the candidate's professional activity _is in the category specified, and "exclusively" means that 90 percent or more of the candidate's activity is in the category specified.