Betty White, Morris foundation campaign for pet dental health

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With the help of actress Betty White, a Colorado nonprofit organization in April began an educational drive to make pet owners aware of their animals' oral health.

White serves on the board of the Morris Animal Foundation. The foundation is promoting its dental campaign with print and broadcast public service announcements informing pet owners that 85 percent of adult animals have gum disease. The messages stress that proper oral health involves daily dental care and regular visits to the veterinarian.

The foundation's campaign complements the "Pets Need Dental Care, Too" campaign, sponsored by the AVMA, the American Veterinary Dental Society, and Hill's Pet Nutrition Inc. during February, National Pet Dental Health Month.

More information on the campaign is available at the Morris Animal Foundation's Web site, Posters and other promotional items can be ordered by calling (817) 740-0777, ext 25, or by e-mailing kristaatmaverickad [dot] com. For more information on Pet Dental Health Month, visit