Board supports SNOMED, other informatics activities

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Through 2002, the AVMA will continue to support the AVMA Secretariat to SNOMED, as proposed by the AVMA Committee on Veterinary Medical Informatics. In November the Executive Board approved $70,370, including $4,800 for 2001, for the Secretariat to SNOMED—the Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine. The AVMA's key objective is to incorporate veterinary concepts into SNOMED-RT (Reference Terminology).

As Dr. Harmon A. Rogers, District XI, said, SNOMED is necessary because technology and medicine are constantly evolving.

For several years the AVMA was one of the organizations that had an agreement with the College of Pathologists relating to SNOMED and served as a full partner. Management changes within the college, however, led to its restructuring and subsequent decision to enter into new arrangements with all parties involved, including the AVMA.

The $70,370 in support will provide funding equal to the amount needed for the AVMA to renegotiate the contract with the College of American Pathologists so that the Association continues to serve as a clinical content and marketing partner.

In recognition of the ongoing funding commitment necessary for SNOMED-RT, the board encouraged the pursuit of additional outside financial resources. The board also authorized the AVMA Secretariat to SNOMED to use funds the board had approved in April 2000 not only for their originally intended purpose—paying salaries and fringe benefits—but also to acquire modeling software.

Financial support was also continued by the board through 2002 for development of Health Level 7 and Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes standards consistent with veterinary medicine, at a cost of $15,376.

Also in the area of informatics, the board approved formation of an Online Activities Task Force to assist the AVMA Committee on Veterinary Medical Informatics in recommending goals for AVMA online content and activities. The eight-member committee will also evaluate opportunities for online partnering relationships.