Board approves liaison to US delegation to international task force

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The Executive Board approved a recommendation to establish a liaison with the US Delegation to the Ad Hoc Intergovernmental Codex Task Force on Animal Feed and to authorize foreign travel once a year to Copenhagen, Denmark.

The task force has held one meeting, so far, to initiate work on a Code of Practice for Good Animal Feeding. The task force is charged with discussing other items that are important to food safety, such as problems related to toxic substances, pathogens, microbial resistance, new technologies, storage, and control methods.

At the first meeting this past June, 168 representatives of 40 countries and 15 private organizations attended.

The head of the US Delegation, FDA-CVM director, Dr. Stephen Sundlof, has invited the AVMA and other organizations to join the delegation and participate in the development of international policy.

The next meeting is March 19-21, 2001, in Copenhagen; the cost to send an AVMA representative is $3,500, and includes a possible preparatory meeting in Washington, DC.