2002 educational pet calendar in the works

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The AVMA will work with Outback Communications to produce a 12-month educational calendar that will be available for veterinarians to purchase and distribute to their clients as gifts. The Executive Board approved the AVMA Educational Appointment Calendar to be ready for 2002.

The calendar would incorporate an educational pet care theme with pet photos from a variety of sources within and outside of veterinary medicine. The value of animals, and how they enrich and enhance human lives and health, will be the calendar's ultimate message. Veterinarians will be able to include up to five lines of personalized copy as a message to their clients, eg, the name of their clinic.

Each month will also feature appropriate pet health care tips. The AVMA logo will be prominently displayed on the cover and masthead.

Outback Communications will work with Global Marketing, one of the leading United States calendar manufacturers, to produce and distribute the calendars at no cost to the AVMA.

Promotional materials for the calendar will be developed through Outback and Global, and the AVMA will introduce the calendar at its annual convention.