Swine association changes name to reflect diversity - January 1, 2001

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The American Association of Swine Practitioners board of directors voted recently to change the association name to the American Association of Swine Veterinarians.

The new name recognizes the AASV members are a diverse group of veterinarians not limited to the clinical practice of swine veterinary medicine as implied by the term "practitioner." As the swine industry has changed, swine veterinarians have capitalized on their unique training to fill a variety of positions in research and development, technical service, education, management, production, regulatory service, and health assurance in addition to traditional veterinary service.

Executive director, Dr. Tom Burkgren sums up the reason for the change. "The new name acknowledges that we are veterinarians engaged in the swine industry, without limiting us to one capacity."

The name change marks the beginning of strategic efforts to improve association services to all AASV members.

The association contact information has not changed, with the exception of the Web site, which is now accessible at www.aasv.org. Correspondence may be addressed to American Association of Swine Veterinarians, 902 1st Ave, Perry, Ia 50220; phone (515) 465-5255; fax (515) 465-3832; aaspatnetins [dot] net (aasp[at]netins[dot]net).