Volume of AABP voice amplified

Published on November 15, 2000
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After the KPMG LLP economic study was released in 1999, the AABP and AASP sent a letter to the editor of JAVMA (published March 1, 2000) and another to the National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues expressing concern that the market projections did not accurately represent current food animal production medicine.

The AABP leadership sees progress toward resolving those concerns.

Dr. Larry Hutchinson (1999-2000 president) and Dr. Jim Jarrett (executive vice president) accepted the NCVEI board of directors' invitation to attend their May 2000 meeting.

"There was a good exchange—we learned they seemed willing to listen," Dr. Hutchinson told JAVMA News during the 2000 AABP conference. "Food animal medicine [is represented] on the committee; so we feel some progress has been made at the infrastructure level."

Food animal representation was an area AVMA president and NCVEI chair, Dr. James E. Nave commented on during his address to AABP members at their conference.

"AABP is well represented by Drs. Hutchinson and Jarrett. We [NCVEI] heard your voice, and Larry and Jim met with us. We've corrected that problem. The food animal voice is on the table at this time."

Dr. Nave urged food animal practitioners to get involved in NCVEI working groups. "I truly believe nobody knows bovine issues [as you do]—yet sometimes [a national voice] is needed. [AVMA] wants to represent all veterinarians. We restructured the Legislative [Advisory] Committee, and now you put that person [an AABP representative] in Washington."

Dr. Nave told AABP members that his presidential recommendations include restructuring the AVMA Animal Welfare Committee and Committee on Environmental Affairs so that each includes designated positions for the AASP and AABP. Currently, Animal Welfare has a representative for private food animal clinical practice; and Environmental Affairs has representatives for private ruminant food animal clinical practice and swine practice.

AVMA Executive Board liaison to the AABP, Dr. Roger K. Mahr echoed Dr. Nave's sentiments about the designated positions in his report to the AABP board of directors. He noted that AABP members also serve on other important AVMA entities.

Dr. Mahr also said, "The most demanding and current need for unification of our profession is to address the results of the megastudy."

He urged AABP members to participate in the AVMA Animal Welfare Forum on bovine welfare, Nov 10, 2000 in Itasca, Ill, and the April 2001 summit co-sponsored by the AVMA/Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges in Chicago.