Nominate your choices for AVMA awards

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Members of the AVMA are invited to help select qualified recipients for the awards administered annually by the Association. The 2001 awards will be presented at the 138th annual meeting of the AVMA, July 14-18 in Boston. Nominations for these awards must be submitted to the AVMA, 1931 N Meacham Rd, Ste 100, Schaumburg, IL 60173-4360, no later than Feb 1, 2001. Humane Award nominations must be received no later than Nov 30, 2000. Nominations for the Charles River Prize should be sent directly to the Charles River Foundation, PO Box 430, Wilmington, MA 01887, no later than Jan 15, 2001.

Nominees will be evaluated on their qualifications only. Letters seconding, endorsing, or supporting nominations for awards will not be used in evaluating candidates.

With each nomination, the following supporting data should be supplied:

  1. Name, mailing address, and college and year of graduation
  2. Nature of professional activity (type of practice or type of salaried work)
  3. Organizational memberships (professional and scientific)
  4. Honors or awards
  5. Bibliography
  6. Brief sketch of nominee's professional background and a statement pertaining to qualifications for the award

AVMA Award
This award is designed to recognize distinguished members of the Association who have contributed to the advancement of veterinary medicine in its organizational aspects. Veterinarians who have exerted outstanding leadership in building stronger local, state, or regional associations, or who have contributed to the improvement of the national organization, are eligible. The award consists of a Tiffany crystal sculpture and $500.

Practitioner Research Award
It is presented to a member of the Association who is a full-time private practitioner and has participated in the major portion of an important phase of a research problem and has published the results while engaged in practice.

Nominations for the award should describe the nature of the research project(s) and include reprints of any published work.

XIIth International Veterinary Congress Prize
The Executive Board selects recipients of this award on the basis of outstanding service by a member of the Association who has contributed to international understanding of veterinary medicine. Established in 1936, the prize consists of a Tiffany crystal sculpture and $500 award.

Public Service Award
The Public Service Award, established in 1968, was proposed by the Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine to recognize long terms of outstanding public service or unusual contributions to the practice or science of public health and regulatory veterinary medicine.

Eligible veterinarians include (1) any AVMA member who has rendered outstanding public service while employed by a municipal, county, state, or federal agency in the field of regulatory activities associated with animal disease prevention or control, food hygiene, or public health, and (2) any AVMA member who, as a faculty member of a veterinary college, has performed outstanding service in the education and training of veterinarians in these public service activities. Recipients are presented a Tiffany crystal sculpture and $500 award.

American Feed Industry Association Award
Initiated by the American Feed Industry Association, the AFI Association Award, formerly known as the American Feed Manufacturers Association Award, was first presented in 1969. Its purpose is to recognize research on nutrition, physiology, or diseases related to livestock or poultry production.

The recipient is selected by the Council on Research on the basis of original work published in recognized scientific journals during the 10 calendar years preceding the year the award is given. Only veterinarians residing in the United States and Canada are eligible. The award consists of a plaque and $1,500.

Innovative Veterinary Diets — Fido Award
To foster progress in small animal medicine and surgery, Innovative Veterinary Diets offers the Fido Award and statuette to a veterinarian whose work (within the preceding five years) in clinical research or the basic sciences is judged to have contributed substantially to the advancement of the field.

Nominations should include a description of the work performed and its contributions to small animal medicine and surgery, a pertinent bibliography, and suitable biographic information on the nominee.

The work of the nominated veterinarian should be known by publication in a recognized veterinary periodical or by presentation at one or more professional meetings. The award consists of a Fido statuette and $1,000.

Charles River Prize
In 1977, the Charles River Foundation established this award to recognize distinguished contributions to laboratory animal science and to promote educational growth in that field.

The donor has stipulated that recipients must be AVMA members currently engaged in that field. Nominations, due Jan 15, 2001, will be processed by the Charles River Foundation, and final selection will be made by the AVMA Executive Board. The prize consists of a plaque and $2,500.

Humane Award
This award is presented in recognition of humane efforts by a nonveterinarian or nonveterinary association on behalf of animals, and exceptional compassion for the welfare of animals. Nominations for this award must be received no later than Nov 30, 2000.