Declines membership to zoo, wildlife veterinarian association

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The AVMA House of Delegates voted in favor of a recommendation from HOD Reference Committee 4 to oppose the application of the National Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians (NAZWV) for membership in the HOD.

The NAZWV comprises the American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians and the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians.

At its June meeting, the AVMA Executive Board determined that the voting membership in the new association complies with AVMA Bylaws regarding the number and percentage of AVMA members required for HOD representation and, therefore, forwarded the request on to the HOD for consideration.

The delegates who spoke to the full assembly about the recommendation said they were concerned that the zoo and wildlife veterinary associations would continue to operate as independent organizations rather than a single body.

The NAZWV appears to be a "paper organization," not a functional entity, said Dr. Charles J. Farho, alternate delegate for the American Association of Industrial Veterinarians. An executive board made up of members from both associations is the only link between the otherwise independent groups, he said.

Dr. Farho did see the groups' efforts to be a "positive step" toward eventual representation in the HOD, however.

The HOD's Committee on Internal Affairs recommended that the fledgling association's application be declined, and the HOD voted its agreement.