Brandt wins presidential spot for 2001

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Dr. James E. Brandt and wife, Pat
Dr. James E. Brandt and wife, Pat

The AVMA House of Delegates on July 21 elected one of its own as AVMA president-elect. Dr. James H. Brandt just completed the last of his 10 years representing Florida in the HOD. He ran unopposed for his new post and will take office as AVMA president at the end of the 2001 Annual Convention in Boston.

Upon his election, Dr. Brandt told the HOD that the day he married his wife, former AVMA Auxiliary president Pat Brandt, he felt like the luckiest man in the world. "Today," he said, "I feel like I'm the luckiest veterinarian in the world."

In previous interviews Dr. Brandt has said his primary emphasis will be on carrying forward with an action plan to address economic issues identified in the KPMG LLP study. A longtime student of economics and a bank director, he will transfer his knowledge to veterinary medicine, "where it seems that some consolidation would alleviate part of the economic deficiencies we are facing."

Dr. Brandt believes that the AVMA should be "extremely active" globally through the World Veterinary Association, and advocates working with organizations that share AVMA goals. He is in favor of developing a mentoring program to connect retired veterinarians with recent graduates, and will foster the involvement of all AVMA members in organized veterinary medicine.

He became involved in organized veterinary medicine in 1971 when he served as program chairman for the Florida VMA. Since then Dr. Brandt has served on the FVMA executive board (19 years), as president in 1989, and on several committees.

Florida delegate, Dr. Larry G. Dee, who nominated Dr. Brandt, praised him as a key figure in the growth and success of the Florida VMA.

A 1964 graduate of Oklahoma State University, he operated AAHA practices in Nokomis and Venice, Fla, from 1965-1997. Dr. Brandt was Florida's 1993 Veterinarian of the Year.