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Wayne M. Akers

Dr. Akers (UP '57), 70, San Rafael, Calif, died March 2, 2000. He practiced in Kendallville, Ind, before moving back to his home state of Pennsylvania to practice in Mansfield and Canton. While living in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, Dr. Akers acquired a farm and raised ewes, calves, and other livestock. Later in his career, he practiced in North Carolina. Then he was employed by the USDA Meat and Poultry Inspection Service. In this capacity, Dr. Akers worked in South Carolina, Alabama, and finally California, where he was made supervisor of the Petaluma Circuit. He retired in 1998.

James W. Glosser

Dr. Glosser (WSU '63), 68, Massillon, Ohio, died May 23, 2000. From 1966-1973, he served as a veterinary epidemiologist at the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. In 1971, while chief epidemiologist for the CDC in charge of evaluating disease movement, Dr. Glosser was assigned to the regional Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis emergency headquarters in Houston at the peak of the campaign to halt the spread of the disease. His efforts there earned him the USDA Superior Service Award in 1972. He coordinated the CDC's program to eradicate rabies along the US/Mexico border, and developed better tests for detection of leptospiral infections.

For the next ten years, he was employed by the Montana Department of Livestock, initially as chief of the Disease Control Bureau and later as administrator of the Animal Health Division. His public service career in Montana also included duty as state veterinarian, and state public health veterinarian.

Dr. Glosser joined the USDA-APHIS in 1983 and was eventually made the agency's administrator. After he resigned, in 1991, Dr. Glosser became assistant dean in the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California-Davis, also serving as faculty appointee and as a USDA representative in international agricultural health. During his tenure at APHIS, he was head of the US delegation to the Office International des Epizooties.

Dr. Glosser served as president of the Intermountain VMA from 1985-1986, and he was presented with a plaque in recognition of leadership and service to the veterinary profession at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas in 1990. Later that year, he received the Karl F. Meyer Gold-Headed Cane Award from the American Veterinary Epidemiology Society. In 1992, Dr. Glosser was honored with the AVMA Public Service Award.

Eldon J. Janson

Dr. Janson (ISU '43), 86, Gravity, Iowa, died April 15, 2000. He owned a mixed practice in Gravity for 55 years.

Rudy L. Jordan

Dr. Jordan (OKL '91), 38, Beaver, Utah, died March 21, 2000. He owned a mixed practice.

John F. Kavanaugh

Dr. Kavanaugh (COR '54), 71, State College, Pa, died Feb 10, 2000. He was retired.

Robert L. King

Dr. King (WSU '54), 72, Atwater, Calif, died April 19, 2000. Dr. King was a past president of the Santa Clara Valley VMA and member of the California VMA. He began his career in mixed practice in Vancouver, Wash. In 1955 he established a hospital in Santa Clara, Calif, and later added one in Campbell, Calif. He operated them until his retirement in 1983. After he retired, Dr. King remained a member of the board of directors of the United Emergency Animal Clinic of Santa Clara. He was also active in many agricultural organizations and owned an almond farm in the San Joaquin Valley. Memorials may be made to the Margin of Excellence Fund, attn: Norma Fuentes, Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, PO Box 647010, Pullman, WA 99164.

John D. Morton

Dr. Morton (ISU '33), 92, Pittsboro, NC, died April 28, 2000. He was professor and head of medicine and surgery at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine before his retirement as professor emeritus in 1974. He also did research on zinc deficiency in cattle. Earlier in his career, he practiced in Callendar, Iowa, and Pine Bluff, Ark.

Dr. Morton was president of the Southern VMA, and a member of the Georgia VMA, which named him its Veterinarian of the Year in 1973. In that same year, he was honored by the graduating class of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, and presented the John Morton Humane Animal Care Award. Dr. Morton served in the Army during World War II, and attained the rank of major. Memorials may be made to Trinity Lutheran Church Building Fund, 2535 Jefferson Rd, Athens, GA 30607 or Christ United Methodist Church, Habitat for Humanity Fund, 800 Market St, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

Robert W. Newlin

Dr. Newlin (MSU '53), 73, Dauphin Island, Ala, died April 29, 2000. A past president of the Indiana VMA and District IX VMA, he practiced in Columbus, Ind, from 1955 until his retirement in 1994. Prior to that, Dr. Newlin had practiced in Flemington, NJ, then was on the staff of Michigan State University. He had served on the county board of health and human society, and the Purdue University admissions committee. One of his brothers is Dr. Louis R. Newlin (MSU '42), a small animal practitioner in Spring Hill, Fla. Memorials may be made to the St Francis Episcopal Church, 401 Key St, Dauphin Island, AL 36528.

Louis P. Pavetti

Dr. Pavetti (COL '46), 76, Grand Junction, Colo, died April 14, 2000. In Grand Junction, he owned Pavetti's Animal Hospital, a mixed practice, for 53 years, and was Mesa County Health Department veterinarian for 35 years. A member of the Colorado VMA, Dr. Pavetti served on the its Board of Control and, in 1988, received its Distinguished Service Award. He also received its 50-Year Award in 1996. He was former president of the Grand Valley VMA. His ongoing civic leadership was recognized with his receipt of the Kiwanis Citizen of the Year Award in 1995. He also was honored with having the Mesa County fairs of 1987 and 1995 dedicated to him.

Stephen A. Perraut

Dr. Perraut (OSU '76), 48, Omaha, Neb, died March 17, 2000. He was a USDA meat inspector.

William F. Riggs

Dr. Riggs (CAL '54), 73, Rancho Cordova, Calif, died May 8, 2000. He owned Cordova Veterinary Hospital, a small animal practice. Dr. Riggs was a member of the California VMA and Sacramento Valley VMA. During World War II and the Korean conflict, he served in both the Merchant Marines and Army. Memorials may be made to Rancho Cordova Rotary Charitable Foundation, PO Box 215, Rancho Cordova, CA 95741.

Louis J. Rossoni

Dr. Rossoni (ONT '52), 73, Taylor, Mich, died May 9, 2000. He worked in Dearborn, Mich, for several years before he opened Rossoni Animal Hospital in Taylor. He retired in 1990. Dr. Rossoni was president of the Southeastern Michigan VMA in 1967, and was a lifetime member of the Michigan VMA.

James A. Witcher

Dr. Witcher (TEX '58), 64, Heflin, La, died Jan 24, 2000. He was a veterinarian with the USDA. Memorials may be made to the Texas A&M Foundation, 401 George Bush Drive, College Station, TX 77840.


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