USDA amends indemnity program for pseudorabies

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The USDA is amending its accelerated pseudorabies eradication program by changing the way the USDA-APHIS pays producers for their infected hogs.

"Rather than requiring hog producers to destroy their livestock, we're going to let them go to market," said Dr. Alfonso Torres, APHIS' deputy administrator for Veterinary Services. "That way, we only have to pay owners the difference between destruction costs and market value. This will save the taxpayers a significant amount."

The USDA will now pay owners of infected hogs an indemnity equal to the difference between the net salvage value and the fair market value of swine that are destroyed. Prior to this action, Veterinary Services paid an indemnity equal to fair market value because the swine were rendered and had virtually no salvage value.

APHIS is also providing an indemnity for breeding sows destroyed in the accelerated pseudorabies eradication program, as well as requiring that the swine be sent under permit directly to a slaughtering establishment.

For additional information contact Arnold Taft, senior staff veterinarian, Veterinary Services, APHIS, USDA, 4700 River Road, Unit 43, Riverdale, Md 20737-1231, phone, (301) 734-7708.

This action was published in the April 18 Federal Register and became effective April 12. The document can be viewed on the Internet at