DQA joins with Merial

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Through a new agreement between Dairy Quality Assurance Inc, Stratford, Iowa, and Merial, producers can now work with their veterinarians to become certified in several important herd management areas. The resulting certification enables qualifying producers to enjoy the economic benefits that come from adopting management practices that improve milk quality.

The Merial educational grant supports three certification modules: "Quality pays: milk and dairy beef residue prevention protocol," "Biosecurity: profit for the taking" and "Parasites and pests: management for profit." The certification program associated with these modules is a self-study protocol that is completed by producers in conjunction with their veterinarian or herd consultant.

"Participation in these DQA education programs can help producers achieve a higher level of milk and dairy beef quality, while reducing costs," said Keith Carlson, executive director, DQA Center. "Producers can work through the certification process with their veterinarian, or complete the protocol alone and then discuss best-management practices with their veterinarian."

For more information about DQA certification materials, visit www.dqacenter.org/ or call toll-free: (800) 55-DAIRY.