Colleges seeking accreditation may have consultative site visit

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Proposed veterinary colleges in the United States and Canada that are seeking a Letter of Reasonable Assurance for accreditation may now seek an additional means of consultation and advice on preparing the college for a complete site visit from the AVMA and Council on Education.

The board approved a recommendation submitted by the Council on Education that allows colleges to request consultative visits. The consultative site team is composed of members of the council and AVMA staff. At the expense of the proposed college, the site team can provide an unofficial appraisal of the program as related to the veterinary college's planned compliance with the Essential Requirements of an Accredited or Approved College of Veterinary Medicine. The proposed college must submit a detailed self-study report that describes the plan, in advance of the site visit. After the visit, the council will provide an unofficial, written evaluation report that notes the readiness of the college for a complete site visit.