Board names trust/committee representatives, liaisons

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At its April 2000 meeting, the AVMA Executive Board appointed the following individuals to the positions indicated. These veterinarians will begin serving their terms in July 2000, on the completion of the AVMA Annual Convention.

Group Health and Life Insurance Trust (2000-2004)
Dr. E. W. Bizzini, Merced, Calif

AVMA-PLIT (2000-2004)
Dr. John T. Vaughan, Auburn, Ala; and Dr. William J. McEniry, Ashton, Ill

Animal Agriculture Liaison Committee (2000-2003)
Executive Board — Dr. Robert A. Dietl, Richfield, Minn

Animal Welfare Committee (2000-2006)
Humane or animal welfare organization — Dr. Dan G. Parmer, Oak Lawn, Ill; small animal practice — Dr. Carol A. Ecker, Granger, Ind

Committee on Environmental Affairs (2002-2003)
Private companion animal clinical — Dr. Brian D. Ghere, New Orleans; zoo and/or wildlife medicine — Dr. Paul L. Barrows, San Antonio; Executive Board — Dr. Roger K. Mahr, Geneva, Ill

Aquaculture and Seafood Advisory Committee (2000-2003)
Nonveterinarian aquaculture production — Dr. Scott E. La Patra, Buhl, Idaho; industrial veterinary medicine — Dr. Robert D. Armstrong, Forestville, Calif; academe — Dr. Robert A. Bullis, Waimanalo, Hawaii; Executive Board — Dr. Harmon A. Rogers, Snohomish, Wash

Convention Management and Program Committee (2000-2003)
Poultry Medicine Section manager — Dr. Bruce Stewart-Brown, Salisbury, Md; Wet Lab Section manager — Dr. Kenneth E. Bartels, Stillwater, Okla

Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities (2000-2006)
Laboratory animal medicine — Dr. Robert L. Taylor, Madison, Wis; veterinary technicians who are not technician educators — Susan A. Berryhill, Topeka, Kan; and Cherylann Gieseke, Rochester, Minn

Committee on Veterinary Medical Informatics (2000-2003)
Private small animal clinical practice — Dr. Theodore Cohn, Englewood, Colo; private equine clinical practice — Dr. Delano L. Proctor, Lexington, Ky

Food Safety Advisory Committee (2000-2003)
American Association of Avian Pathologists — Dr. Charles L. Hofacre, Athens, Ga; American Association of Bovine Practitioners — Dr. Donald Hansen, Shelby, Iowa; American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners — Dr. Martin C. Warbington, Bend, Ore; American Association of Swine Practitioners — Dr. Thomas L. Wetzell, Wells, Minn; International Association of Aquatic Animal Medicine — Dr. Edward J. Noga, Raleigh, NC

Long-Range Planning Committee (2000-2003)
House of Delegates — Dr. Mike R. Miller, Chariton, Iowa; Executive Board — Dr. Gregory S. Hammer, Dover, Del; AVMA staff — Dr. Bernadette Dunham, Washington, DC; councils — Dr. Donald L. Noah, Frederick, Md

Member Services Committee (2000-2003)
Honor roll members — Dr. Richard Reid, Albany, Ore; and Dr. Harold N. Lange, Columbus, Neb; recent graduates — Dr. Kathryn Blair Jones, Lumberton, NC; nonacademic, public sector veterinarian — Dr. Terry K. Besch, Middletown, Md; board-certified specialist — Dr. Michael J. Topper, Gaithersburg, Md; private clinical practice owner — Dr. A. Mark Green, Charlotte, NC; Dr. G. Garry Goemann, Marysville, Calif; and Dr. James P. Achorn, Pine Bluff, Ark

Political Action Committee Policy Board (2000-2002)
PAC Area 2 — Dr. H. Michael Chaddock, Lansing, Mich

Liaisons (2000-2003)
American Registry of Public Health Epidemiology — Dr. Donald L. Noah, Frederick, Md
National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy — Dr. Sally O. Walshaw, Okemos, Mich
US Animal Health Association — Dr. Henry E. Childers, Cranston, RI
Liaison between the Committee on Veterinary Medical Informatics and American Society of Testing of Materials — Dr. Allen Hahn, Columbia, Mo
Liaison between the Committee on Veterinary Medical Informatics and Health Level Seven — Dr. James Case, Dixon, Calif
Liaison between the Committee on Veterinary Medical Informatics and Logical Observations, Identifiers, Names, Codes — Dr. James Case, Dixon, Calif
Liaison between the Committee on Veterinary Medical Informatics and Digital Imaging Communications in Medicine — Dr. Allen Hahn, Columbia, Mo