AVMA invests in Chamber of Commerce

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As recommended by the AVMA Governmental Relations Division, the Executive Board has increased its annual contribution to the US Chamber of Commerce from $800 to $5,000.

The AVMA has been benefiting from increased interaction with the Chamber of Commerce. The increase in contributions will give the Association access to more than a hundred experts for free consultations, development of briefs, and lobbying advice in areas such as business, environment, labor, and tort reform. Through Chamber of Commerce events, the AVMA networks with Capitol Hill decision makers.

Dr. Niall Finnegan, director of the AVMA Governmental Relations Division, likened the relationship to a coalition that is mutually beneficial. The Chamber of Commerce involvement in supporting repeal of the installment sales tax, or exempting small business from it, is, Dr. Finnegan said, one example of the agency's advocacy for the AVMA. (This tax provision, passed in November 1999, prohibits businesses that use the accrual method of accounting from selling assets in installments and spreading out their tax liability.)

AVMA immediate past president, Dr. Richard C. Swanson commented, "The US Chamber of Commerce is our champion in small business issues."