AVMF to evaluate, tailor video series

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The "Veterinary ClientLink" program completed its first year of production, and the AVMF is surveying veterinarians to learn their thoughts on the bimonthly video series, created to help veterinarians and hospital staffs improve patient care and productivity.

Veterinary Client Link

"Veterinary ClientLink" is made possible through the generous support of Bayer Animal Health, Fort Dodge Animal Health, Hill's Pet Nutrition Inc, Pets.com, and Veterinary Pet Insurance. Each 30-minute program features news and information for the whole staff in a fast-paced, TV newsmagazine format. Information collected in the evaluation will be applied to "Veterinary ClientLink" episodes produced during the second year of the program.

"Veterinary ClientLink" is designed to accomplish three objectives, explained Dr. Jack Stephens, AVMF director and Development Committee chairman. "First, it is an educational tool for the profession. Second, it helps educate the public about animal health through supporting public relations activities. And, third, 'Veterinary ClientLink' is a fund-raising tool."

Veterinarians are introduced to "Veterinary ClientLink" most frequently with complimentary copies. A minimal annual contribution to the Foundation of $500 is requested in exchange for six episodes each year.

For more information about how to receive "Veterinary ClientLink," call the Foundation or visit www.clientlink.org.