New drug detection guide available

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"Guidelines for Drug Detection Times" is a new publication offered by the AAEP. The guide was prepared for the organization by chemist Richard Sams, PhD, director of The Ohio State University Analytical Toxicology Laboratory.

Included in the guide are a drug-testing overview, definitions of commonly used terms, a discussion of factors affecting detection times, and a chemical profile of the following drugs: acepromazine maleate, flunixin, dexamethasone, dimethyl sulfoxide, detomidine, procaine, isoxsuprine hydrochloride, ketoprofen, mepivacaine hydrochloride, methylprednisolone, and phenylbutazone.

The guide will be updated annually, and the 2001 edition will include 10 new drugs. Contact the AAEP office at (606) 233-0147.