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Leslie J. Butman

Dr. Butman (MIN '52), 73, Hopkins, Minn, died Dec 16, 1999. After graduation he was in a mixed practice in Austin, Minn, until 1982. He then owned the Glen Lake Veterinary Hospital in Glen Lake, Minn, where he engaged in small animal practice until his retirement in 1998. Dr. Butman was a member of the Minnesota VMA, served on many committees and boards of the association, and received its Veterinarian of the Year Award in 1998. He served in the Navy during World War II.

Alvin G. Kron

Dr. Kron (OSU '63), 64, Cincinnati, died Dec 12, 1999. He practiced at Clough Veterinary Hospital in Batavia, Ohio for 25 years. A member of the Ohio VMA and Kentucky VMA, Dr. Kron was also track veterinarian at River Downs racetrack in Cincinnati for more than 20 years. Earlier in his career, he worked for the federal government as a meat inspector in Cincinnati. Dr. Kron served as a corpsman in the Navy.

John E. Minchew

Dr. Minchew (GA '59), 69, Atlanta, died Nov 23, 1999. He was retired from Minchew Animal Hospital, Sandy Springs, Ga, and a small animal practice he had owned since 1964. Dr. Minchew was a member of the Georgia VMA. He served in the Army during the Korean conflict.

Leroy T. Moore

Dr. Moore (UP '55), 71, Linden, Pa, died Oct 6, 1999. He owned Moore's Veterinary Clinic, a small animal practice he started in 1955, and was a member of the Pennsylvania VMA. Dr. Moore served in the Army after World War II. Memorial contributions may be made to SPCA of Lyconing County, 2805 Reach Road, Williamsport, PA 17701 or Mount Vine Church, 417 Jack Pine Lane, Jersey Shore, PA 17740.

Samuel Pollock

Dr. Pollock (MSU '41), 90, West Palm Beach, Fla, died Dec 21, 1999. He owned a small animal practice in South Orange, NJ, for more than 40 years and made his mark in the profession as a researcher, practitioner, and catalyst for change. He was past president and a founding member of the Metropolitan New Jersey VMA. A member of the New Jersey VMA, Dr. Pollock received the association's Practitioner's Award in 1972. He was honored by the AVMA the following year when he received its Practitioner's Research Award. Among his numerous research projects, he served on the surgical team for renal homotransplantation on dogs with the surgeons of the hospital prior to their first transplantation in the human being. Another study was on basic research of autogenous collagen vascular tubes implanted in the dog and then utilized as blood vessels.

As the only veterinarian on the executive board of the Jacqua Foundation, a philanthropic organization benefiting the veterinary profession and animals, Dr. Pollock worked to establish scholarships for veterinary students and grants for veterinary research. Dr. Pollock was also a longtime veterinary consultant and director for the research facilities at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Newark, NJ. In 1979, he was given a medal at the 21st World Veterinary Congress in Moscow for his photographic essay on tube homografts. A graduate of Michigan State University, he received its Distinguished Veterinary Alumnus Award in 1996. Memorial contributions may be made to Hospice of Palm Beach County, 5300 East Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33407.

Clarence R. Roberts

Dr. Roberts (COR '22), 99, Leonia, NJ, died Dec 1, 1999. After graduation, he practiced in Morrisville and Norwich, NJ. Starting as a veterinary field inspector for Sheffield Farms Company, he ascended to the presidency of the company in 1950. Sheffield's parent company, National Dairy Organization, appointed him president of Sealtest Foods in 1960. His son, Dr. Kent Roberts, is also a Cornell graduate (COR '51), and is professor emeritus at Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. Memorial contributions may be made to the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine or the American Red Cross.

George Yotnotsian

Dr. Yotnotsian (CAI '67), 58, Fullerton, Calif, died Sept 9, 1999. He owned a small animal practice.


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