At the auction: Gavel comes down, disaster funds raised

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auction supporters
Supporters of the auction take a minute to visit the Foundation booth: Dr. Amy Dicke, Belinda Bowling, Dr. Lisa Stone, and Lisa Bartoloni- LePage.

The only sound louder then the auctioneer at the AVMF's second annual dinner auction in Dayton, Ohio was the roar of the tigers!

More than 180 people attended the event Sept 22, 1999 at the Mandalay Banquet Center. Nearly $20,000 was raised - all of which will directly support care for animals injured in or otherwise affected by disasters.

Bengal white tiger cub and handler
This Bengal white tiger cub was one of the stars in the exotic entertainment that followed the auction.

Besides the excitement of the auction itself, attendees were treated to the entertainment of "The Animals that Travel with Jack Hanna." The Columbus Zoo's Promotions Department featured several exotic animals, including two Bengal white tiger cubs, two snow leopards, a penguin, a parrot, an anaconda, and a desert fox. The handlers told informational and interesting stories about the young animals and mingled with the audience.

Dr. Cindy Lovern, AVMA assistant director of emergency preparedness and response, provided an update on the current AVMA/AVMF disaster relief activities.

"This event brings together those who are at the core of the AVMF's mission to support veterinarians, pet owners, and animals," said Dr. Leonard Tinney, chairman, AVMA Executive Board, who hosted the event. Co-sponsors of the event were Beau Townsend Ford Inc, Columbus Serum Company, Hill's Pet Nutrition Inc, The Iams Company, and Veterinary Pet Insurance. Dr. Amy Dicke and Dr. Lisa Stone of The Iams Company were co-chairs of the event.

Special thanks to the 2,039 generous individuals, organizations, and corporations who donated to the AVMF during 1999. The following list names donors who made contributions of $5,000 or more:
$100,000 and above
American Veterinary Medical Association
Hill's Pet Nutrition Inc
Fort Dodge Animal Health
Pfizer Animal Health

$25,000 to $99,999
American Animal Hospital Association
Cleveland Foundation
Mrs. Cheever Porter Foundation
Ralston Purina Company
The Bayer Company
The IAMS Company
Veterinary Pet Insurance and DVM Insurance Agency
$10,000 to $24,999
American Association of Feline Practitioners
Auxiliary to the AVMA
Cornell Feline Health Center
Dr. Bernard R. Pinckney
Intervet America Inc
Novartis Animal Health
Schering-Plough Animal Health

$5,000 to $9,999
Estate of Florence B. Gambino
Jardine Group Services Corporation
Ms. Linda Jacobsen
Ohio Animal Health Foundation
Prestone Products Corporation
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Stephens
Stephens & Associates Advertising Inc
Washington Veterinary Medical Association