Private venues sought as CPE sites

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Are you and your facility interested in helping integrate qualified veterinary graduates of foreign schools into the American veterinary profession — and being amply compensated for your involvement? If so, the AVMA enlists your service.

The Association now invites applications from private sites for their personnel to administer the Clinical Proficiency Examination. This 31/2-day, hands-on test of entry-level clinical skills and judgments is one option by which graduates of veterinary colleges not accredited or approved by the AVMA can achieve licensure in this country. (The other route is a year of evaluated performance.)

Private sites can be private practices, research institutes, colleges, or other settings.

Until now, test sites were limited to AVMA-accredited or -approved veterinary colleges. Only three such colleges currently offer the examination. Opening the process to private sites is the Association's latest action to shorten the waiting period for candidates.

Testing sites are compensated at the rate of $5,000 per candidate.

To learn about requirements for becoming a CPE testing site, contact Dr. Donald Simmons, director of the AVMA Education and Research Division, 1931 N Meacham Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60173; phone, (800) 248-2862, ext 236; or e-mail, dsimmonsatavma [dot] org.