Green light for Spotlight

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Since the inception of its dog bite prevention campaign in 1998, the AVMA has been dedicated to reducing the number of dog bite incidents through public awareness and education.

The latest foray by the AVMA in this ongoing process will use television to reach the widest audience to give attention to the problems of canine aggression.

Acting on a recommendation from the Council on Public Relations, the AVMA Executive Board approved an allocation of $27,500 (already part of the Public Information Division's 2000 television projects budget) to produce, with Trivue Entertainment, a short segment "Spotlight On: Dog Bites" for broadcast on PBS stations.

The approximately five-minute segment on dog bite prevention is guaranteed to air a minimum of 500 times to an audience of at least three million public television viewers. The AVMA will receive on-air credit for being the underwriter of the segments and will have complete script approval.

"Spotlight On: Dog Bites" will be part of the Association's video news release and public service announcement distribution program. Tapes of the dog bite prevention segment will eventually be available in the Audiovisual Library, (800) 266-6310.