Veterinary career events

Career events

The AVMA Veterinary Career Center (VCC) isn’t just the veterinary profession’s largest and most active job board. The VCC also provides other opportunities to connect and support veterinary jobseekers and employers. These include virtual career fairs, career development webinars, and unique networking events.

Virtual career fairs

In partnership with the Veterinary Career Network, the AVMA Veterinary Career Center holds online career fairs that bring together veterinary employers and job seekers for convenient networking and interviews. Virtual career fairs provide an easy way for job seekers to connect with hiring managers across the country, without the need for travel.

Whether you’re a veterinarian, technician, veterinary assistant, practice manager, or other member of the veterinary care team, these online gatherings help you take the next step forward in your career.

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Veterinary Career Mix and Mingle

Part job fair, part networking event, part discovery experience, this gathering at the annual AVMA Convention connects employers, jobseekers, and potential jobseekers to build new relationships in a laid-back, business-casual environment.

Career development webinars

Explore CE webinars to cultivate personal and professional skills that will help you advance in your career. Career development courses sponsored by the VCC on AVMA Axon include topics such as career fulfillment, resume writing, compensation insights, and career options across veterinary medicine.

Career options in disaster veterinary medicine

Explore career opportunities in disaster veterinary medicine, and what you can expect if you want to assist in disaster recovery and response efforts. You’ll also learn how you can help clients prepare for and respond to a disaster.

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What it takes to build a career in One Health

Learn about education, employment, and workforce development in the One Health arena. This webinar covers training and skills needed for these careers, what One Health workers do, and how people find positions in this field.

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Relief veterinary medicine: A unique career

Discover the benefits and challenges of this underutilized and underrepresented area of veterinary medicine. Gain a realistic picture of the career path, technical aspects of setting up your own relief practice, and unique skills required to thrive in this niche.

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