AVMA Cannabis Symposium

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, the AVMA is closely monitoring its spread and impact on veterinarians and our families. On behalf of our members and the entire veterinary community, we're working to bring you the resources and answers you need during this critical time.

We understand how vital continuing education is to your professional development, and that's why we're proceeding with plans for AVMA Convention 2020 and the AVMA Cannabis Symposium to take place as scheduled. Your health and safety are our priority, and as new details emerge, we will continue to communicate them with you immediately.

August 3-4, 2020
San Diego

Gain an in-depth understanding of cannabis in veterinary medicine

AVMA's first in-person cannabis symposium will provide a 360-degree perspective of cannabis in veterinary medicine. Attendees will explore cannabinoid pharmacology, see where clinical research is heading, and learn veterinarians’ regulatory obligations to ensure optimal patient care and legal protection for ourselves and our practices.

The AVMA Cannabis Symposium will take place during the final days of AVMA Convention 2020. Join us to learn from experts in the clinical and research arenas, and representatives from federal and state regulatory organizations.

Sessions will includesick dog

  • The endocannabinoid system and how cannabis products work in various animal species
  • Potential therapeutic applications and risks of cannabis-derived products
  • Clinical research on the efficacy of cannabis products in companion animals
  • Specialists’ perspectives on potential clinical needs
  • Control measures to ensure safety and quality of individual products on the market
  • Current legal status of cannabinoids and regulatory obligations for veterinarians at the federal and state levels
  • Recommendations for treating cannabis toxicity in animals

Who should attend?

The Cannabis Symposium is the meeting for veterinary professionals and colleagues who want to understand the full scope of cannabis in veterinary medicine. This includes practicing veterinarians, hospital owners and managers, thought leaders and subject experts across the profession, volunteer and professional leaders of organized veterinary groups, research and academic professionals, and industry leaders.

Register now

Registration for the Cannabis Symposium is through the AVMA Convention website.

The cost for Convention attendees is $250.
For non-Convention attendees the cost is $325.

If you are attending Convention, simply add Cannabis Symposium to your cart on the events page.

If you are attending the Cannabis Symposium only, follow these steps:

1. Select Lab Only Registration.
2. Apply promotional code CANNABIS2020.
3. Add Cannabis Symposium to your cart on the events pages.