VLC Scholarships

Scholarships for Recent Graduates and Under-represented Groups

The AVMA, in partnership with Zoetis, offers $1,000 scholarships for 10 AVMA members to develop their leadership potential at​ the annual Veterinary Leadership Conference. To qualify for the scholarships, applicants must fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • Recent Graduate/Emerging Leader – Individuals who graduated from veterinary school within the past 15 years
  • Under-represented in Veterinary Leadership – Veterinarians from a demographic, geographic, or socioeconomic group or practice type that is under-represented in U.S. veterinary leadership

Scholarships are awarded in the form of a $1,000 stipend to help with the cost of registration, travel and meals while attending VLC. The application for scholarships to attend the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference 2019 will open this fall.

Curious about​ VLC/ Previous scholarship recipients have offered high praise for the conference.

As a young veterinarian in private practice, my days typically consist of performing surgeries, diagnosing and treating diseases, and working emergency shifts. Attending the Veterinary Leadership Conference this January re-opened my eyes to the opportunities this profession has to offer. I was amazed at the number of people who have pivotal roles in our profession who I was able to meet at the networking events. I also was fascinated to observe the AVMA House of Delegates Winter Meeting where resolutions and bylaw amendments are discussed, amended, and voted on. To observe our delegates discussing influential stances that our profession as a whole is taking on … is awe-inspiring and also humbling. The most influential part of the conference would be the leadership sessions. I have always been in leadership roles, but these sessions really had me step back and analyze myself. We participated in exercises to assess our compassion fatigue, our drive for success, and our leadership goals. The focus was on who we are as a veterinarian not on what we do. As someone who is trying to get more involved in veterinary medicine, I appreciated the connections, the advice, and more importantly the friendships I made while at VLC.
– Kathleen Ebers, DVM

The VLC conference was a truly amazing experience! Having the opportunity to not only meet such a variety of veterinarians, but to be able to experience the leadership training offered through the emerging leaders forums and workshops was invaluable. Not only was I able to learn from other veterinarians’ successes and struggles; I was also able to work through current issues facing the veterinary field with professional facilitators. The breadth of knowledge and expertise brought to the conference through current and emerging leaders made the weekend one that I will never forget. The conference has left me energized with a renewed sense of passion for our beloved profession. Thank you for allowing me to join in such a wonderful opportunity.
–  Mark Petersmann, DVM


Please direct questions regarding the VLC Scholarship Program to Dr. Marci Kirk, assistant director for recent graduate initiatives, AVMA Membership and Field Services Division at mkirk@avma.org (847-285-6666).

A special thank you to Zoetis for their continued support of VLC and their commitment to the veterinary profession.

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