Convention News

152nd AVMA Annual Convention
July 10-14, 2015


 Saturday, July 11

 Lead stories 

  • Be inspired to pursue your ‘happyness’
  • Responding to Ebola, dealing with its risks

 Other headlines  

  • Area native and Board member lists Boston hot spots
  • Sessions, resources promote preventive care
  • AVMF launches fund to help practices, holds contest and events
  • Boston’s nightlife can’t be beat
  • By land and by sea from Boston
  • Boston pets’ century-old guardian Angell
  • Training veterinarians to live their visions 

Sunday, July 12 

Lead story 

  • Past and future perfect 

Other headlines 

  • Ready for some Good Vibrations?
  • House votes down restructuring of college accreditor
  • Flowers, festivals, and fun!
  • Meyer elected, candidacies launched
  • Picture page: The Boston Experience
  • Simplicity, gratitude inspire a productive team
  • Boston’s history in medicine includes pioneering veterinary schools

Monday, July 13

Lead story

  • Welcome to the new AVMA!

Other headlines

  • Boston seafood: dive in!
  • Follow the yellow red brick road … through Boston’s yesteryear
  • Boston Tawk: What makes you passionate about your profession?
  • Diagnosing global threats
  • AVMF debuts fund for clients in need
  • In pursuit of the elusive life balance
  • Auburn dean emeritus receives AVMA Award​  

 Tuesday, July 14​ 

Lead story 

  • AVMA wraps up annual convention 

Top headlines 

  • The largest animal health emergency in U.S. history
  • Speakers offer insights on preventive care
  • Plenty of feathers in Tufts’ cap
  • Boston Tawk: What will you remember most about this year’s convention?
  • Boston fun facts
  • Picture pages: The Boston Experience
  • Putting drug testing into practice