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Vet Quest Spring Ski Meeting4/1/2014-4/6/2014Alta, UT, United States
ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Detailed 5 Part Simple and Surgical Extraction Series in the Dog & Cat4/1/2014-4/30/2014Online On Demand, FL, United States
Core Surgery Series I of IV4/1/2014-4/1/2014Las Vegas , NV, United States
EXOT005-0414: Basics of Exotic Companion Dentistry4/1/2014-5/2/2014Davis, CA, United States
DIAG300-0414: Oncology & Tumor Pathology I4/1/2014-5/23/2014Davis, CA, United States
Plants Poisonous to Pets4/1/2014-4/1/2014Bloomington, MN, United States
Ocular Surgical Wet Lab for the General Practitioner4/2/2014-4/2/2014Chicago, IL, United States
NUTRITION; Tony Buffington, DVM, PhD, DACVN4/3/2014-4/3/2014Fairfax, VA, United States
TECH136-0414: ECG Interpretation for the Purpose of Arrhythmia Identification Module 14/3/2014-5/4/2014online via, CA, United States
Academy of Veterinary Consutants 2014 Spring Conference4/3/2014-4/5/2014San Antonio, TX, United States
Reconstructive Surgery: Management of Problem Defects4/4/2014-4/5/2014Las Vegas, NV, United States
3 Day Module – Stifle and Thigh at Peninsula Equine4/4/2014-4/6/2014Menlo Park, CA, United States
Radiology for the General Practitioner4/5/2014-4/6/2014San Diego, CA, United States
PRAC100-0414: OSHA & Practice Safety4/7/2014-7/10/2014Davis, CA, United States
North American Veterinary Dermatology Forum4/9/2014-4/12/2014Phoenix, AZ, UNITED STATES
STAF110-0414: Front Desk Module 1-Exceptional Client Skills4/9/2014-5/17/2014online via, CA, United States
Purebred Paradox: Disease Risks in Purebred Dogs and the Welfare Implications of Dog Breeding4/9/2014-4/9/2014online, MD, United States
AOVET-Principles of Small Animal Fracture Mgt.4/10/2014-4/13/2014Columbus, OH, United States
AOVET-Masters Course on Advanced Osteotomy Small Animals4/10/2014-4/13/2014Columbus, OH, United States
AOVET- Equine Basic Principles of Fracture Management 4/10/2014-4/13/2014Columbus, OH, United States
MULT210-0414: Systems B4/10/2014-6/22/2014Davis, CA, United States
AOVET Principles in Small Animal Fracture Management4/10/2014-4/13/2014Columbus, OH, United States
AOVET Masters Course on Advanced Osteotomy - Small Animal4/10/2014-4/13/2014Columbus, OH, United States
AOVET Equine Principles of Fracture Management4/10/2014-4/10/2014Columbus, OH, United States
CE at Zion National Park4/11/2014-4/14/2014Zion, UT, United States
Minimally Invasive Joint Surgery & Arthroscopy 4/11/2014-4/13/2014Las Vegas, NV, United States
Basic Abdominal Ultrasound 4/11/2014-4/12/2014Las Vegas, NV, United States
Feline Veterinarian Dental Course4/12/2014-4/13/2014Lake Mary/Orlando, FL, United States
Basic Fracture Repair CE4/12/2014-4/13/2014Knoxville, TN, United States
Exotic Companion Mammal Symposium4/13/2014-4/13/2014Cordova, NE, United States
STAF134-0414: Empathy and Reflective Listening4/15/2014-5/9/2014online via, CA, United States
EXOT010-0414: Exotic Small Mammal Diseases4/15/2014-5/2/2014Davis, CA, United States
IAFFV Spring Bighorn Meeting4/19/2014-4/25/2014Fort Smith, MT, United States
Hands On Talk & Wet Lab – Pelvis and Stifle at Lexington Equine Surgery4/23/2014-4/23/2014Lexington, KY, United States
West Virginia VMA 2014 Annual Spring Meeting at the Greenbrier Resort4/24/2014-4/27/2014White Sulphur Springs, WV, United States
Hands On One Day Talk & Wet Lab – Neck and Back at Lexington Equine Surgery4/24/2014-4/24/2014Lexington, KY, United States
3 Day Module – Distal Hind Limb and PSL at Bell Equine4/24/2014-4/26/2014Mereworth, Kent, , United Kingdom
FVMA's 85th Annual Conference4/25/2014-4/27/2014Orlando, FL, United States
TECH120-0414: Practical Review for Veterinary Technicians: VTNE Preparation Class S20144/25/2014-8/8/2014online via, CA, United States
UC Davis Avian & Exotics Symposium4/26/2014-4/27/2014Davis, CA, United States
Critical and Emergency Care CE Conference4/26/2014-4/26/2014Madison, WI, United States
New Techniques in Small Animal Surgery4/27/2014-4/27/2014PITTSBURGH, PA, United States
Veterinary Specialty Hospital 4th Annual Symposium4/27/2014-4/27/2014San Diego, CA, United States
2014 Annual Conference on Vaccine Research4/28/2014-4/30/2014North Bethesda, MD, United States
Principles of Fracture Management & Simple Limb Deformities 4/29/2014-5/1/2014Las Vegas, NV, United States
STAF168-0414: Training - Building Your Dream Team4/29/2014-5/30/2014online via, CA, United States
ONCO110-0414: Cancer & the Immune System4/29/2014-5/23/2014Davis, CA, United States
Veterinary Management School (VMS)4/30/2014-5/3/2014Lakewood, CO, United States
EXOT006-0514: ECM Pharmacology4/30/2014-6/27/2014Davis, CA, United States

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