Resumé maintenance

Economic conditions can change dramatically at any time so you should always keep an eye on the future. One simple thing that you can do to be prepared is to update your resumé on a regular basis. Computer document storage has made it simple to archive this important document for easy retrieval and editing.

The worst time to try to recall years of accomplishments and rebuild your résumé is when you have recently lost a job and are worried about your future or are considering a job change and need to remember what you have accomplished while you where employed. Your first update should be the first day of your new job. Your start date, job description and expected duties are important pieces of information that may be forgotten over time and are easily recorded while they are fresh in your mind.

As the years pass, when you acquire an additional responsibility, award or achievement, take a moment or two to add it to your résumé. Jotting information down even if it's not in the perfect format allows you to have the details accessible when the time comes to rebuild your proper résumé for a new stage of your career.