New hire mentoring programs

Mentoring is defined as a relationship between an inexperienced person (protégé or mentee) and an experienced person (mentor) that will help the protégé learn from the mentor.

New hire mentoring has the potential to help you navigate through an organization's procedures and politics and helps ease your transition into a new job. The more comfortable you are, the more likely you will feel a part of the team and remain employed at that job for a long time.

Mentoring continues to play a role even as you become more experienced; with a mentor, you have somewhere to turn to obtain information and advice as you advance in your career. During the interview, ask about the existence of either a formal or informal mentoring program to help you work into the position, especially if it is your first job out of vet school.

You may also find mentors outside of the workplace that can be a valuable resource to you throughout your career. Getting involved in organized veterinary medicine is an excellent source of potential mentors for any veterinarian.

Accepting assistance to become familiar with the workings of a practice and the practice staff is a critical step in a successful work relationship. As a new employee, tact and patience is needed to work with the established team to help build their trust in your abilities and style of practice.