Finding a job using recruiters

A recruiter can be an invaluable employment resource for job seekers and employers.

A recruiter is hired by an employer to fill a position and thus may know of jobs of which seekers are not aware and which may or may not be advertised.

Recruiters work on behalf of the employer to find the most qualified candidates for an open position. They meet with job seekers to do an initial screening and assessment to determine what position may be the right fit. This greatly simplifies the candidate selection process for the employer who uses a recruiter. It is important to remember that recruiters are actually working for the employer, not the job candidate.

The recruiter either works on a retained basis or a contingency basis. A recruiter who accepts a retainer is working for an employer on an exclusive basis to fill a specific position and gets paid either a percentage of the salary of that position or a flat fee whether a candidate is found for the position or not. Recruiters working on a retained basis are normally used for higher level management positions or positions that are difficult to fill due to a very specific, specialized skill set required for the position.

A contingent recruiter works for many different clients in a third-party broker relationship. They get a percentage of a candidate's salary from the employer only if the employer hires a candidate the recruiter sent them. Recruiters are sometime called headhunters, agency recruiters or scouts.

The recruiter usually does not charge the job seeker a fee.

When looking for a job, it may help to become familiar with a job recruitment firm that is experienced in the veterinary profession, a so called "niche" or specialized recruiter.

Developing a relationship with a recruiter may help advance your career even when you are currently employed. They may contact you when opportunities arise for which they know you would be a good fit.


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