ECFVG News January 2014


​​New ECFVG Requirement

All candidates who enroll into the ECFVG program on or after July 1, 2014, will be required to demonstrate validated proof of experience performing surgical procedures using aseptic techniques prior to applying for the Clinical Proficiency Examination (CPE). Specifically, candidates will be required to submit documentation, signed by one or more veterinarians licensed to practice veterinary medicine in any international jurisdiction, as proof of having performed, in the five-year period preceeding the candidate’s CPE application, at least one (1) ovariohysterectomy as the primary surgeon and at least five (5) additional surgical procedures as either the primary or the assistant surgeon. The five (5) additional procedures may be ovariohysterectomies or other surgical procedures, but each documented surgery should involve all elements of an aseptic surgical procedure, including gowning & gloving, draping of the patient, and use of sterile instrumentation. 

This eligibility requirement does not apply to candidates enrolled in the ECFVG program prior to July 1, 2014. However, the ECFVG strongly recommends that all candidates have the experience described above prior to attempting the surgical section of the CPE.

Further information regarding this requirement can be found in the CPE Candidate Bulletin.