ECFVG News - April 2004

Contents of this page:

  – Changes to documents required
  – Changes to language requirements coming September 1, 2004
  – Changes to TOEFL/TWE/TSE coming September 2005
  – Earlier NAVLE registration deadlines in effect
  – NAVLE fees increase in Fall 2004

  –  Requirements for copies of documents needed

Beginning with ECFVG applications received on or after May 1, 2004, applicants will be required to submit certified, notarized, or official (issued directly by school) photocopies of the applicant's veterinary college diploma and final transcripts, both in the language of issuance and as a certified English translation if necessary. Noncertified or notarized photocopies will no longer be accepted as proof of graduation from an AVMA-listed veterinary medical college. Please also refer to the final page of the ECFVG application.

  – Changes to English language requirements coming September 1, 2004

On September 1, 2004, the ECFVG will initiate new English language requirements for non-native English speaking candidates who have not yet completed Step 2, English language proficiency, of the ECFVG certification program. The English language examination waiver requirements for native English speaking candidates will NOT change. New minimum score requirements are being initiated to ensure continued high standards across all English language examinations accepted by the ECFVG. Changes are indicated by bold text in the revised requirement. Notice of the new requirements will also be mailed in May 2004 to ECFVG candidates who have not yet completed Step 2 of the certification program.

  – Changes to TOEFL/TWE/TSE coming September 2005

Educational Testing Service (ETS) recently announced upcoming formatting changes to its cadre of English language examinations: the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), which for ECFVG purposes, includes the Test of Written English (TWE), and the Test of Spoken English (TSE). The new format will be effective September 2005. Please see the ETS Web site ( for detailed information. Once the new format is initiated in September 2005, the ECFVG will require the four-section TOEFL in lieu of the current TOEFL/TWE and TSE requirement. Watch this site for future developments.

  – Earlier NAVLE registration deadlines in effect

Beginning with the Fall 2004 NAVLE administration, the National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (NBVME) has established a new NAVLE application deadline-increased from the current deadline of 60 days prior to the opening of the testing window to 92 days. This means that for the November/December 2004 window, which begins November 15, the NBVME deadline is August 14, 2004. Please be aware that ECFVG candidates must apply for approval to take the NAVLE through a state veterinary licensing board, and some boards may have an earlier (ie, > 92 days prior to the opening of the testing window) deadline. ECFVG candidates should plan accordingly to ensure that sufficient time is allowed for processing of verification requests by the ECFVG office. Please see Section VII, Release of Information, in the ECFVG Policies and Procedures for additional information regarding verification requests.

  – NAVLE fees increase in Fall 2004

The NBVME has increased the NAVLE fee, beginning with the Fall 2004 administration. The new fee is $425.00. Please contact NBVME ( directly with questions regarding the NAVLE application process. The on-line NAVLE application for the Fall 2004 window will be available at in June 2004.