Basic and Clinical Sciences Examination (BCSE) practice test

Click here to go directly to a tutorial and sample questions for the Basic and Clinical Sciences Examination (BCSE). Your screen resolution should be set to 1024 X 768 to mimic the resolution of the actual examination. These sample questions represent the major domains tested on the BCSE but only a portion of its full scope.

This site will also familiarize you with the computer-based testing program used during the examination given at Prometric testing centers. However, because of different testing platforms, some of the program features are not fully available on the tutorial and sample questions. For instance, the sample questions will not be scored automatically, so if you wish to know how well you have done you will need to keep track of your answers and compare them to the answers found on the final screen of the practice examination. The "marking" function has also been disabled. You may review questions at any time, but the review will not show the questions you have marked for review.

In addition, the display method used for images found on some of the sample questions is slightly different than the display method that will be used in the actual BCSE. You are encouraged to review not only the practice examination tutorial at this link, but the entire tutorial available at the beginning of your actual testing appointment at the Prometric testing center. You will be given extra time to review the BCSE tutorial prior to beginning the actual examination, and it will provide you with all of the information needed to operate the testing program.

Finally, although a clock will be displayed in the practice examination as it will be in the actual examination, it will not keep track of elapsed time. In other words, there is no time limit to review the sample tutorial and sample examination questions.

For additional information regarding the BCSE, please see the candidate bulletin and reference list (PDF).