ECFVG Policies and Procedures - Petitioning Process

Petitions will be accepted only from candidates currently registered in the ECFVG certification program and not from third parties. A petition for variation in procedure will be considered only after a completed ECFVG application is on file. Letters of recommendation or character references are not considered in the petitioning process.

English Language Waiver Requirements—Spoken Section Only

The following policy for waiver of the spoken section requirements for speech impediments or other relevant disabilities was approved in April 2008:

  1. The candidate must provide ECFVG a written request to have the spoken section of the English language examination waived. The request must provide the reason(s) for the request with a description of the nature of the disability.
  2. An original signed letter from a physician/professional with appropriate expertise must be addressed to ECFVG. The letter must describe the candidate's speech impediments or other relevant disabilities that affect his/her speech and further certify that the speech impediment will not limit the candidate's ability to communicate with coworkers and clients in assuring safety in a veterinary practice setting.
  3. A personal conversation will be conducted with the ECFVG candidate requesting the waiver. The conversation will be conducted by a) an ECFVG member or former member, b) a member of Board of Directors, or c) AVMA staff in a manner mutually acceptable to the candidate and the interviewer (eg, in person or via telephone, videoconference, Web conference or other appropriate communication devices). The identity of the candidate must be verified (eg, through use of a photograph identification card such as a driver's license or passport) at the time of the interview by an AVMA member (for interviews conducted via telephone or other communication devices) or the person conducting the interview (for in-person interviews).
  4. The candidate must pass all other sections of the English language proficiency examinations.

If documentation obtained merits a waiver of the spoken section of the English language examination, AVMA staff will notify the candidate of the waiver.