ECFVG Members

2021 Association Year

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  1. Representing Government Service (term 2018-2022)—Dr. Susan Gogolski (Chair)
  2. Representing Canadian National Examining Board (term 2019-2025)—Dr. Beverly (Bev) Baxter (Vice-Chair)
  3. Representing Clinical Practitioners Holding an ECFVG Certificate (term 2014-2022)—Dr. Neil E. B. Moss
  4. Representing the Public (term 2021)—n/a
  5. Representing AVMA Council on Education (term 2020-2025)—Dr. M. Julia Felippe
  6. Representing Non-native English speaking Clinical Practitioners Holding an ECFVG Certificate (term 2019-2025)—Dr. Andrei Tarassov
  7. Representing Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (term 6/25/2019-2024)—Dr. Malathi Raghavan
  8. Representing Public Health or Foods Safety (term 2019-2025)—Dr. Mary Grace Stobierski
  9. Representing American Association of Veterinary State Boards (term 2021-2027)—Dr. Gary W. Norwood
  10. Representing Medical or Health Educators with expertise in clinical assessment methods (term 2020-2026)—Dr. Brian Collins
  11. Representing Board Certified Veterinary Surgeons or Anesthesiologists (term 2020-2026)—Dr. Peter Vogel
  12. Representing State Veterinary Licensing Boards (either appointed veterinarian or non-veterinarian), senior administrative executives, or other staff members of state veterinary licensing boards (term 11/19/2019-2024)—Dr. Paul Zoyhofski