Directory of AVMA ECFVG®-listed veterinary colleges of the world

Exclusive of the United States and Canada

The AVMA Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates® (ECFVG®) does not represent this directory to be a comprehensive list of all veterinary schools in the world. The AVMA ECFVG®-listed Veterinary Colleges are not accredited by the AVMA Council on Education™ (AVMA COE®). This list includes all schools that were listed by the World Health Organization in its 1991 World Veterinary Directory and in the 1983 Pan American Health Organization publication, Diagnosis of Animal Health in the Americas. The list also includes additional schools that have come to the attention of the ECFVG for reasons related to the ECFVG certification program. Such schools are listed here only after correspondence with the national government ensures that the school is officially recognized by that government as a professional school of veterinary medicine and its graduates are qualified to practice veterinary medicine within that country. The time required to verify that the school is officially recognized is variable and depends on the country or language of communication. Sometimes, it may take a long time – weeks, perhaps, even months or longer -- to get back the necessary information about school recognition within the country of origin. Candidates interested in registering for the ECFVG certification program should plan well in advance as the time required for some aspects of the certification process is beyond the control of the ECFVG.

Directory of AVMA ECFVG®-listed veterinary colleges (PDF)